December 2, 2021

जंगल का पर्यायवाची | Jangal ka Paryayvachi in Hindi

आज के इस आर्टिकल में मै आपको “ जंगल का पर्यायवाची | Jangal ka Paryayvachi in Hindi या Synonyms of Jangal ” की जानकारी उपलब्ध कराने जा रहा हूँ , जिन्हे आप अध्ययन कर अपने प्रतियोगिता परीक्षा की तैयारी के उपयोग में ला सकेंगे ,आशा करता हूँ मेरा यह प्रयास आपको जरुर पसंद आएगा । तो चलिए जानते है –

जंगल का पर्यायवाची | Jangal ka Paryayvachi

Synonyms of Jangal

विपिन, कानन, वन, अरण्य, गहन, अख्य, कान्तार

Vipin, Kanan, Van, Arany, Gahan, Akhy, Kantar

The signifier of the same meaning is called synonym. Synonyms or synonyms reflect similarity in the meaning of words, hence synonyms that have similar meanings in the language of grammar are called synonyms, such as ‘aasur’ – demon, monster, danuj etc.

Thus accorJangalg to grammar, both synonyms or synonyms express the same sentiment. The expressions vary depenJangalg on the word etymology.

The word ‘synonym’ or ‘synonym’ means that it is similar or nearly identical to another word or phrase in the same language.

The same word has many meanings or expressions within grammar scripture. From this point of view, if we see the word ‘synonym’, we will get many meanings.

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